Cornerstone Global offers the following services to scale-ups:
Localizing the company’s value proposition

As tech companies become more global their competitive advantage becomes at risk of local imitation. CG helps companies localize their services to the local context and capture market opportunities that might otherwise go to local competitors.

Navigating local markets

We help companies understand local context and customs to better position our clients for long term success.

Develop relationships with local corporates

Whether as clients or partners, developing a network of reputable and successful corporates is key to the success of any market entrant.

Identify and pursue strategic sources of capital

Between government entities, private corporates, and family owned offices, emerging markets have strategic pools of capital that can be tapped into as scale ups grow and fundraise

A glimpse of our result-driven methodology

We establish your appetite to expand your business abroad and assess the market opportunity for your offering in select emerging markets.


We vet your fit with our strategy and develop an objective assessment of our ability to add substantial value to our clients.

& Deploy

Establish beach-heads for you by pitching and acquiring high value clients, securing pilots and contracts, fine-tuning and localizing the value proposition, and repeating the process with an ever-increasing circle of targets.


Build your ecosystem of partners, investors, suppliers, advocates, and champions to create a multiplier effect to accelerate the expansion of your business in this new market.

& Monitor

Identify vetted hires to build your local team and ensure seamless integration with Head Quarters.


Provide strategic maintenance support for your local operation through continuous high value market intelligence and hands-on relationship management.

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